Should I visit the property before buying? YES, we strongly recommend that you inspect the property before buying. You should also check with the county on the zoning and approved uses of the property. Particularly, the County Planning and Zoning Department will also be able to tell you about the current and future development plans for the area. While we will do our best to tell you everything we know about each property, nothing replaces the value of doing your own research and due diligence.

How can I find the property? The home page map has each property pinned and shows either the GPS coordinates or the street address.  There is an option when you click on one of these pins to have it direct you to the property based on your current location. 

Who owns the properties being sold at the LandsandLots.com? All properties sold through the LandsandLots.com are either fully owned (FREE AND CLEAR) by us, or we have a right to sell them, such as through an option. It must be specifically noted that LandsandLots.com is not a real estate brokerage firm, but only the market place and brand name through which these properties are being sold by the owner direct to the buyers without a broker.

How does LandsandLots.com acquire their properties? Unlike other land sellers, we only purchase properties from private parties and DO NOT engage in purchasing through tax sales or foreclosure sales. All properties are bought with WARRANTY DEEDS (no quit claim deeds or Tax Deeds which are often hard to get title insurance for) and from mostly long time owners.  It is the goal of LandsandLots.com to pass these bargains along to you.

If I call the county to ask them a question, how do I reference the property so they know what land I am talking about?

The information provided on each property’s listing page includes the APN Number and Legal Description. Typically when you’re speaking about rural, vacant and undeveloped land you will use one of these to denote the property or its general location.

Can you show me the property?

We do not send representatives from our offices to show property. We purchase land throughout the country and we rarely, if ever, see the property we are buying. This is one of the reasons why we’re able to keep our prices so low. Potential buyers are more than welcome to visit any of the properties they wish to purchase without the supervision or presence of a representative of our Company.

How do I know this is legit and not some elaborate ruse on a website to scam me of my money?

For any potential buyers skeptical of the legitimacy of this operation, we’d encourage you to close through a closing company or attorney, depending on the state. This will allow a third party intermediary to handle both the drawing up and recording of the deed as well as your money. We should mention, however, that this will incur additional costs and those costs will be the responsibility of you, the buyer. Similarly, in order to enter escrow there must be a signed Sale/Purchase agreement between Buyer (you) and Seller (us).

Are the mineral rights guaranteed for the properties? We make no guarantees concerning mineral rights or the lack thereof. If we are aware of the lack of mineral rights, this will be disclosed. However, buyers should do their own research to find out if the property has mineral rights or lack thereof.

What GUARANTEES does LandsandLots.com offer? We guarantee that the property is free and clear of any governmental or private liens or encumbrances other than recurring assessments or bonds. Basically, we guarantee that at the point of ownership transfer from us to you, the property is free and clear and has a marketable title.

Are there any liens on the properties? No. We guaranty a free and clear marketable title on all properties we sell.

A down payment is listed on the website. Can I make a larger down payment? Yes, giving a larger down payment amount is absolutely possible. Please contact us with what amount you would like to put down (must be at least the minimum) and we will accommodate the contract for this. Of course you can also make additional monthly payments without any form of pre-payment penalty or fee.

If I want to make a larger down payment, how does this affect the loan? If the dollar amount that you use as a Down-Payment is larger than what is required, the monthly payment will be reduced. The term (length of the loan) can stay the same.

Do I need to qualify for financing or how does this work? NO, you don’t need to qualify for financing. We wish to make property ownership affordable for as many people as possible. Therefore, we do not require formal qualifications. It is very simple, you want to buy a piece of land and we want to sell it to you. That’s it. We do however, perform a check against a database in order to see if you have an IRS lien against you. This would be the ONLY disqualifying reason for the simple reason that IRS liens attach themselves to any property you own and will not be removed until they are paid off. Other than that we do not look at your credit at all. We do not look at your credit score and even bankruptcies are fine.

How long can I finance the property? This varies by property and will be noted in each property description. The larger the sale amount, the longer the term will be permitted to be.

Is there any penalty for paying off a property early? No. You can pay off your property at any time with no pre-payment penalty whatsoever. Just call us and let us know when you wish to pay if off and we will let you know your pay-off amount.

What kind of contract will I be signing when purchasing a piece of land from LandsandLots.com? When purchasing a piece of land from us, we will either sign a Sale Agreement, which is used for cash purchases. If purchasing via financing, you will sign either a Mortgage, Agreement for Deed or Lease Option which lays out all the terms of the transaction including the sale price, down payment, monthly payments, interest rate (if applicable), rent credits (if applicable), cost of loan, and all the details commonly in such a document. The original of these documents may be recorded in the county where the property is located.  The determination of which document is used is based on how much is put down and the amount being financed.

If I pay cash or once the property is paid off, what kind of Deed do you convey the property with? Once a property purchased through LandsandLots.com is paid off, transfer of title occurs exclusively using Special Warranty Deeds. This form of deed gives you, the valued customer, one of the highest levels of protection.

When do I get the Deed to my property? Once you pay for a property in full, your title to the property will be conveyed via Special Warranty Deed within thirty (30) business days. We commit to signing all paperwork necessary to transfer ownership and deliver a Special Warranty deed to the recorder/clerk of the county the property is located. In addition you will receive copies of the notarized deed via mail so you can have proof that the seller has issued the deed to you. After the recording of the original Warranty deed is completed, the county recorder/clerk will then return it directly to you. Depending on the County it may take 4-14 weeks (depending on the county) for the county recorder/clerk to mail the recorded deed back to you.

Property Search

3 Properties, from 2.05 to 3.62 Acres, in Forest Heights, Marion, NC – Gated Community with Amenities – County Values at $40,000 – BUY from $13,500 to $18,000!!

3 Different Properties in Forest Heights, Gated Community.Marion, North Carolina - McDowell County.2.05 Acrea, 2.76 acres and 3.62 acres.The County Values these Lots at $40,000! BUY FOR ONLY $13,500 to $18,000!!Beautiful, gently sloping lot in the Forest Heights...

2 Lots – 1.5 and 2.05 Acres, Both in Hidden Lake, Nebo, North Carolina – Sold Comp at $23,000; Listed Properties from $24,000 to $75,000. BUY TODAY for $14,000 and $23,000!!

2 Different Properties in Hidden Lake, Gated Community.Log Home Community with Numerous Amenities. 1.5 and 2.05 Acres. Sold Property at $24,000 and Listed Property from $25,000 and Up! BUY FOR ONLY $14,000 or $23,000!!Great for weekend retreat or a place to call home!...

3 Properties, from 1 to 5.14 Acres, in Gateway Mountain, Old Fort, NC – Gated Community with Amenities – Similar Sized Properties Selling at $125,000 and Up – Buy from Only $12,000 to $28,000!!

3 Different Properties in Gateway Mountain, Gated Community.Just East of Asheville in McDowell County.1 Acre, 3.2 acres and 5.14 acres.Similar Sized Properties Selling for $125,000 and Up!BUY FOR ONLY $12,000 to $28,000!!Gateway Mountain is a private, gated community...

5 AVAILABLE – .99 to 1.77 Acres All in Catawba Falls Preserve, Black Mountain, NC – Sold Comps are from $12,000 to $205,000. Buy for $13,200 to $27,550 Each!!

5 Properties Available - All In Catawba Falls Preserve. Black Mountain, North Carolina. Nearby lots sold from between $12,000 and $205,000. Beautiful Mountain Community. The properties range from .99 to 1.77 acres. BUY TODAY FOR ONLY $13,200 to $27,550 each!! Catawba...

5 AVAILABLE – .803 to 3.46 Acres All in Cove Point at the Arbor, Nebo, NC – Views of Lake James – One Property with Dock Slip! Sold Comps are from $35,000 to $132,000. Buy for $35,000-$45,000 Each!!

5 Properties Available - One with a Boat Slip. Nebo, North Carolina. Nearby lots in the area sold from between $35,000 and $132,000. Beautiful Mountain Community on Lake James. The properties range from ..803 to 3.46 acres. BUY TODAY FOR ONLY $35,000 to $45,000...

.78 Acre Waterfront in Plantation Harbor, Havelock, NC – Direct Access to Atlantic Ocean! A Vacant Lot 3 Properties Away Sold for $169,000 – Buy This Lot for $54,000!!

.78 Acre Waterfront Lot - Direct Access to Atantic Ocean! Havelock, NC.Plantation Harbor.  Build a Dock or Use the Community Boat Ramp. Clubhouse, Pool and Tennis Courts.A Vacant Lot 3 Properties Away Sold for $169,000! BUY THIS PROPERTY FOR $54,000!!  This is a .78...

100′ x 150′ Lot – Public Utilities – Located Just Outside of Downtown York, SC – The County Values This Property at $9000 – Buy for $5000 Financed with $500 Down or $3500 Cash

100' x 150' Lot Located Just Outside Downtown.  York, SC. This Property Has Public Utilities and Previously Had a Home on It. Home was Legally Removed, Lot is Buildable. Buy this property for $5000 Financed with $500 down or $3,500 Cash!!York is located just outside...

.309 Acre cul-de-sac Lot in Fairfield Harbour – Gated Community on Water – New Bern, NC – 2 Lots Away Sold for $8000 – Buy for $5000 Financed with $500 Down or $3500 Cash

.309 Acre in Fairfield Harbour - Gated Waterfront Community.Cul-de-sac lot with Public Utilities.New Bern, NC.2 Lots Away Sold for $8000.A Few Lots Away Sold for $13,000.Buy this property for $5000 Financed with $500 down or $3,500 Cash!! According to USA Today and...

.63 Acres in Gated Oconee Falls, Marion, NC – West Facing Slope for Ideal Sunsets! Nearby Properties Listed for $12,500 and Up. BUY TODAY FOR $10,000 Financed or $8000 CASH!

.63 Acre Lot in Gated Oconee Falls.Marion, North Carolina.Nearby lots in the area are for sale for $12,500 an up.Western facing slope; perfect for sunsets! The County Says this Property is Valued at $19,250!  BUY TODAY FOR ONLY $10,000 with Financing or $8000 Cash!!...

2.68 Property on Paved Road Zoned A1 – 6 Miles from Downtown Fayetteville, NC – Agricultural and Residential Use – 1.5 Acres Sold for $55,000 – BUY TODAY for $15,000 FINANCED or $12,000 CASH!

2.68 Acres on Paved Road.Fayetteville, NC.6 Miles from Downtown.Zoned A1 - Allows Agricultural and Residential Use.1.54 Acres Nearby Sold for $55,000.This property is 1.14 Acres LARGER.BUY TODAY for $15,000 FINANCED with $2000 Downor $12,000 CASH!      ...

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